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     Boom in algal blooms
       Patents related to algae
       Astaxanthin-a superb natural antioxidant
       Green  algae for paper based battaries
       Algae Bioinformatics
       Biotech articles by Padmakumar   
       Microalgae uses in human nutrition: for making biodiesel and colorant
      The world of algae--oilgae
       Bioplastics from algae      
       Cyanobacteria to generate electricty    
       Damselfish maintain algae gardens          
       Indian experience with algal ponds-G.S.Venkataraman      
       Affordable algal biofuels    
       Algae based battaries             
       Algae a multidimensional miracle wrapped up in a slimy green package        
       Algae to keep our planet cool                 
       Self produced sunscreens that protect algae from uv ratiation       
       Plastic from algae        

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